August 19, 2013

Coming Attractions...

By Steve Locke

Last week, Evan Munday from Coach House Books gave us the inside scoop on video trailers as promotional devices for new books. Evan kindly provided a few examples from Coach House's film library, and over the weekend, readers have had plenty of time to hit up the snack bar and load up on sugary/salty goodness.

Now, it's time for this week's showing. Got your popcorn? Your Milk Duds? Your bucket of soda?

Good! Now come take a seat in our digital theatre that is YouTube for our feature presentations. The show's about to begin!

Comebacks are tough.

First off is a trailer from past festival reader and Haiku Deathmatch warrior, Corey Redekop. Attendees at last year's sold out "Forewords" event will remember Corey's rendition of a zombie's struggle to regain his voice - without the use of working lungs. Check out the trailer for the great Canadian zombie novel, Husk, and consider that in acting as well as life, comebacks are truly hard to pull off.

I once took Demonology at the U of W. It was a correspondence course.

Act two of our presentation features a slightly higher budget for literary horror master Andrew Pyper in his trailer for The Demonologist. See Pyper at the mainstage event, "Revelations," on Friday, September 27. 3-D glasses will be sold separately.

And finally, just 'cuz, a tip of the hat to festival director Charlene Diehl with a trailer of her 2010 collection of poetry, Out of Grief, Singing: A Memoir. See Charlene in the director's chair with the megaphone and riding crop at festival events beginning September 20!

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