August 09, 2013

A Word on Winnipeg From Jon Paul Fiorentino

By Jon Paul Fiorentino

I feel an intense connection to Winnipeg. 

As a young man, I was often off writing poetry at the St. Boniface Cathedral, downtown streets or pubs, or over by the Legislative buildings. The city spoke to me and it still does. The sense of community, that has always been a part of my art and activism, is something that Winnipeg gave me. I remember helping to organize a literary community in Winnipeg. 

I was inspired so much by people like Catherine Hunter, Dennis Cooley, and Robert Kroetsch. These people were my heroes. The way they treated me like a fellow writer is the reason I eventually became a writer. Their kindness, generosity, and warmth made me feel less alone. Their writing made me feel less alone. I learned precisely what writing was when I lived in Winnipeg, and it will always be home, no matter where I go.

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