September 19, 2011

The Nooner with Wayne Tefs

I raced up the stairs towards the Carol Shield’s Auditorium at the Millennium Library to attend The Nooner with Wayne Tefs. His book, Bandit, fictionally chronicled the life of Ken Leishmann, also known as the Flying Bandit, who was a bank robber of sorts in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

A man in his early-30s sat at the back of the room, his arms relaxed and draped across the backs of the chairs beside him. Another sat at the front, a decorative pillow cushioned his back. There was a rather tall man with grey hair, whose face I couldn’t see, even though he asked several questions of the author. I believe he wore glasses.

There were few women amongst the crowd, maybe eight at best. There was a striking woman in head to toe black who strolled across one side of the auditorium in heels. A woman in a lime-green blazer with silver-hair told Tefs how her husband was a bus-boy at a “chicken and ribs” restaurant once frequented by Leishmann. The auditorium suddenly filled with laughter.

The Nooner is an opportunity for all Winnipeggers, and Manitobans, to sit, relax and listen. To be read to. Who doesn’t like to be read to? Remember when we were children, how we looked forward to story time in school? Think of THIN AIR’s The Nooner like a grown-up’s story time.

But these aren’t your kid’s nursery rhymes. 

--Tammy W. Karatchuk


  1. It's too bad more people didn't turn up for the first nooner. I hope people take advantage of this freebie during the rest of the festival.

  2. The Nooner is quickly gaining popularity this week, which is fantastic!