July 13, 2011

Gabe Foreman thinks about people

Every person is different, yet we are all still people.

Gabe Foreman’s reference book – A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People – attempts to define who and what people are through a collection of poetry that is unique, funny and engaging.

While not every person may understand the collection as a whole, there is something for everyone. Some insightful poems include: Bridesmaids, House-Sitters and Transplant Survivors. More off-kilter, quirky poems include: Entomologists, Organ Donors and Snoops.

The collection is definitely worth a read, and it’s something that you’ll pull off the bookshelf and return to again and again.

He just seems like a really cool guy...

Gabe Foreman is a part-time tree planter living in Montreal. His writing has appeared in a number of literary journals, including Grain, The Fiddlehead and Event. His work has also been shortlisted for the CBC Literary Awards, and he will be a featured writer at THIN AIR 2011.

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