October 05, 2014

Youth Slam!

by Eva Rodrigues

The performers were few, but the crowd was excited as four poets under the age of 22 performed at Thin Air’s youth slam poetry open mic on Saturday.

Originally to be a competitive slam, Saturday’s event saw a 50-50 split between seasoned poets and newcomers. Eva and Amber, both of whom have been participating in Voices, Ink.’s events throughout the past year, were joined by Ashton and Hillary. The event marks an informal beginning to the 2014-15 slam season, to be followed up by Voices, Ink.’s official season opener on October 16th (http://www.voicesink.org). The youth slam community in Winnipeg is small but grows every year - helped along by events such as this open mic. Thank you to Steve Locke, slam master, for encouraging youth poets to find their voice at Thin Air.

Thank you.

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