September 06, 2013

This is How You Kick off a Festival

By Steve Locke

In one of last month's posts, you might have come across a link to a certain trailer for a certain zombie-themed novel by a certain writer and Thin Air reader whose last name kinda sounds like "Robocop".

Writer, editor, and author of "Husk".

You might have also caught wind of how fantastically entertaining last year's "Forewords" event was; the very same Thin Air event in which Corey Redekop (see, now you're never going to get 'Robocop' out of your head when you think of him) read from his novel. The evening also featured performances from members of Winnipeg's Poetry Slam Team, and what was the inaugural - and now legendary - Haiku Deathmatch.

Mr. Robocop - I mean, Redekop - had some very kind words to say about last year's event in his blog, in which he described the attendees as "The Greatest Audience Ever." This says a lot considering audience participation was absolutely key to the event, in that a swift democratic vote determined which Haiku Deathmasters would advance, and which would be fed to the zombies.

Last year's "Forewords" at The Freep: the fabled "Greatest Audience Ever". (Thanks Leif!)

This year, you can share in the magic once again - but be sure to come early to The Winnipeg Free Press Cafe on Saturday, September 21st and get yourself a seat. Last year, a few people were turned away from the door after the room filled up quickly. And you'll want to be settled in for the 8:00 start time to hear from this year's reader, Genni Gunn (who will also be taking part in the Deathmatch), as well as this year's Winnipeg Poetry Slam Team.

Be prepared: you will be entertained.

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