June 28, 2011

THIN AIR hits the streets of Winnipeg

Have you ever sat down outside on a bench during lunch to read? It’s relaxing, isn’t it? Nothing can make that hour of freedom more enjoyable than becoming lost and immersed in the pages of an intriguing book.

At THIN AIR, we’re interested in what you’re reading. We also believe that other people are interested in what you’re reading too. Therefore, a section of this new and attractive-looking blog will be dedicated to you and your book selections.

Each week, a member of the THIN AIR team will interview a complete stranger on the street about the book he or she is currently reading. The results of the interview will be posted on this blog, and links will also be available on both Facebook and Twitter.

One moment, you’re sitting in a park sipping a cappuccino reading a book. The next, you’re famous. Who knew it could be so easy?

The first interview will be up within the next few days, and a new one will follow every week.

Stay tuned, and keep reading. It’s going to be an exciting summer…

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